Hello, my name is Miguel Pimentel. I am a self-taught hobby developer with too many ideas and not enough time. I was born in the Dominican Republic, and I currently live in Minnesota, US.

I suffer from a chronic case of curiosity, which leads me to learn and do many interesting things like:

  • …designing bike trails and residential roads in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • …creating my own browser extensions.
  • …teaching ESL.
  • …learning web development and computer programming.
  • …getting licensed as a Firefighter.
  • …getting certified as Emergency Medical Technician.
  • …inspecting public road construction projects.
  • …working in a construction materials laboratory.

Work Experience

As an Assist. Contract Administrator for Metro Transit, I oversee projects through their installation, construction, and commissioning phases. On a day-to-day basis, I manage multiple projects that tie in one way or another to the public transportation system of the Twins Cities’ Metro Area in Minnesota.

With a little over 10 years of experience in public construction, I have amassed a number of unique projects that cover many different fields. It all started when I got my first job as a Civil Engineering Technician for a contracting company near my university. I was at the time attending INTEC while pursuing a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my college education due to personal problems.

Nevertheless, today I thrive having experience in not only public infrastructure, but technology, electrical, rail, and bus related projects as well.

Reaching Out

Here are some places you can find me on the web. You’ll probably be able to find me in other places too, provided you look hard enough.