I’m Miguel, and you have come across Forgetful Notes—my digital garden of knowledge. Come on in and make yourself comfortable.

“I felt the music wash over me. It had me, right then and there.”

This site serves as a platform for my learning and creative endeavours. A space for thinking through, building upon, and coming back to. It is part of my effort to organize my own theories, concepts, and ideas in a more public setting.

You will find within a wide range of topics, expanding and exploring ideas across multiple disciplines. In a way, you could say the scope of work for the website is not only allowed to, but expected to grow. Forgetful Notes embraces the inherent rhizomatic learning and web-like nature of our thinking. It is a living document designed for an audience of one, myself.

“I only wrote that poem to test my printer!”

Like me, all notes contained within should be considered work-in-progress. Expect changes at all content levels. That said, I do not let perfectionism get in the way. That means what you read here is not authoritative or complete, and is not representative of my best work. Please keep that in mind as you navigate around the garden. I’m glad you are here. Enjoy your visit!

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“The problem with your sink is that I have no idea how to fix it.”

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