Forgetful Notes is created using Quartz, hosted on GitHub, deployed with GitHub Pages, and facilitated by the GitHub Publisher plugin for Obsidian. If interested, you can browse the source code.


Forgetful Notes has gone through many changes. I have not been shy about moving from technology to technology as I learn new things. Coming across the world of Static Site Generators was a game changer. I have ran my notes through Jekyll, Hugo, MkDocs, Zola, and most recently Eleventy.

However, this site is not specifically built with any of the aforementioned. Instead I have opted to follow in the footsteps of Jacky Zhao and created my digital garden using the new fully rewritten Quartz—a set of tools that helps you publish your digital garden and notes as a website for free.


All content for the site is written in Markdown within Obsidian—an extensible, flexible note-taking app. To export the notes from Obsidian, I rely on the GitHub Publisher plugin.

The source code is hosted in GitHub. From here we use GitHub Actions to build and deploy the site to GitHub Pages.


  • Fast Natural-Language Search
  • Bidirectional Backlinks
  • Floating Link Previews
  • Admonition-style Callouts
  • Markdown Links and Wikilinks Support
  • Latex Support

File Structure

├── .github/
│   └── workflows/
├── content/
|   └── notes
├── docs/
|   └── documentation
└── quartz/
|   ├── components/
|   ├── plugins/
|   └── styles/
└── quartz.config.ts
└── quartz.layout.ts
└── package.json


This website is released under the MIT License.