What is a Digital Garden

A digital garden is a combination of an online notebook and a personal wiki, where digital gardeners write in small, unfinished pieces, also known as atomic notes, and share these seeds of thought to be cultivated in public. Digital gardens are curated and evolve over time, sometimes growing wildly and sometimes getting pruned.

The phrase “digital garden” comes up often while browsing these notes. Surely I overuse it. That said, I still like it. It more closely describes what I envision this website to be: a carefully curated garden of digital notes. Having a reliable system on which to dump raw information is extremely useful. The idea of sweeping one’s mind is helpful to rid yourself of distractions from incorrectly prioritized tasks.

How is Content Curated

Digital Gardens are explorable rather than structured as a strictly linear stream of posts. They grow slowly over time, rather than created as “finished” work that is to never be touched again. A place where little changes accumulate and transform thoughts and ideas. As you continuously care for your garden, you revise, update, and change your ideas as they develop.

Kinds of Notes

  • 🌱 Seedlings for very rough and early ideas.
  • 🌿 Budding for work I’ve cleaned up and clarified.
  • 🌳 Evergreen for work that is reasonably complete (though I still tend these over time).