This page explores the concept of keeping a public journal, something I haven't done before. I'm still defining what exactly I should include in this journal. I'm currently making sure it's not too technical, or difficult to read.



  • Contributing to the Eleventy Notes project. Put together a new workflow specific to the project and the changes were incorporated into the project. Here’s the publication.
  • Added a new sidebar companion toggled via shortcut and toolbar button to both Firefox TabSpace and Firefox New Tab Notes. I am reconsidering renaming the extension so it matches its features better. As it is no longer just about notes in your new tab, but also notes in the sidebar, I (at least) temporarily renamed it “Just Notes”.
  • Developed a new GitHub Actions workflow to deploy Firefox extensions by creating a new release in the corresponding repository. It was originally tested on Just Notes. The new workflow was later then added to all of my Firefox extensions to aid in new version releases.
  • Released 2 new Firefox extensions:


  • Helped a good friend study for some certifications they are testing for. Felt great knowing they were no longer feeling as much pressure afterwards. 😊
  • Moved my personal blog / website to Bearblog. They have come a long way since I hosted my blog there some years ago. It looks like a nice community that I would be missing if I was developing my own site.
  • Took another go at designing a site with the help of Eleventy Plus Vite.
  • I am getting more involved with Godot. Reading about it, checking out some simple guides.
  • Learning more about Git. I recently signed up for an account on SourceHut.
    • Practicing adding remotes, renaming them, pushing to multiple remote repositories simultaneously.
  • Cleaned and prepared some repositories to learn game development with LÖVE.



  • Discovered NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. 📷
  • After checking out Astro, I decided it wasn’t time to jump into it. For now, using Eleventy feels adequate given my knowledge level. I will definitely give Astro another go, once I am more comfortable with Svelte.
  • Updated my Obsidian Starter Vault project. It now includes more information about the CSS snippets, community plugins, and general workflows included in it.
  • Forked these Obsidian Minimal theme CSS Snippets for future reference.
  • Added new CSS snippets to my Obsidian vault. I’ll probably end up posting them later.
  • Republished my personal website using Eleventy and elva. Moved the site to It is currently deployed with Vercel. Will use a different starter and drop elva soon.
  • Contributed Spanish translations for Quartz in PR #822.




  • Finally visited the Dominican Republic after more than 8 years without going. I didn’t really tell anyone about the trip. I just wanted to make sure I was able to actually go back at this time. My main focus on the trip was to visit and spend time with family. 💜🎄
  • Published new Firefox extensions ChatGPT in the Sidebar and New Tab Notes. This last one is helping me learn browser sync and storage management.
  • Republished my personal website with serene.
  • Learned about Bulma. I’m taking a look at it as a CSS framework.
  • Submitted new Zola Themes Mabuya and Zola Minimal.
  • Renamed Zola Dinkleberg to Zola Guava.


  • Chrome extension Text Revealer was not available in Firefox, so I made a Firefox version. 🔎
  • Updated my Obsidian Starter vault. It now includes more information about backing up the vault and other general workflows.
  • Playing around with Svelte, and Milkdown. I like the pair, but I paused working on this for now.
  • Republished my old blog in Spanish: Prose Poetry. I recently found the canonical blog I wrote in 2010 and republished it.
  • Contributions: